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The need for sustainable products such as solar cells, heat pumps, electric car charging, retrofitting, etc. is greater than ever to reduce energy consumption in homes and properties. Are you an installer who wants to help set this up on behalf of our partners?


In the growing landscape of housing and real estate, banks are placing greater emphasis on these sectors. When financing projects like renovations or property maintenance, establishing a strong cooperation with the service providers is crucial to become a trusted advisor to the bank's customers. If your business aims to cater to banks and their customers, we can assist you in delivering exceptional services in this realm.

Real estate

Our partnes specializes in serving both companies and municipalities responsible for managing extensive property portfolios. We understand the need for skilled contractors who can efficiently handle maintenance tasks and significant upgrades when required. If you are looking to provide your services to larger professional customers, we can help you deliver exceptional craftsmanship and support their property management needs effectively.

Housing construction teams

Housing associations need contractors to ensure maintenance. This is important both for new projects and as an ongoing service for residents. A good cooperation with contractors contributes to attractive and safe housing for all residents. Do you want to deliver for housing associations?

Real estate

The real estate agent stands alongside the homeowner at the moment of buying and selling a home. Over 40% of Norwegians renovate after taking possession of a home and it is a strength for the real estate agent to be able to refer to good partners who can assist the customer. Does your business want to deliver for real estate agents?


Several companies offer products for bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens where it is either required or desired that someone assists in the work of installing this correctly and efficiently for the buyer. Does your company want to help deliver for retail companies?

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We have built up a network of companies that rely on skilled contractors to help deliver quality on their projects. With Proptly, you get access to these right in the platform.

Become a sought-after partner

Our partners are always looking for skilled contractors to work with. As a partner, your company can help deliver projects for an ever-growing network of businesses across industries.

Read two concrete examples below

DNB customers

Those who are going to renovate their homes when buying or selling a home will have the opportunity to work with the contractors that use the Proptly platform by selecting this inside DNB's own portal.

In other words, you will be able to access projects in the platform.

Wild customers

If you want to take concrete steps to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you will have access to work with contractors that use the Proptly platform.

In other words, you will be able to access customers who need a heat pump, change cladding, change windows, etc. in the platform.

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Everything you need to know about our platform and what it means to be a partner
In short, what is Proptly Connect?
Proptly Connect is a network designed to connect forward-thinking craft businesses with a wide range of partners. This includes property maintenance in both the private and municipal sectors, real estate agents, banks, housing associations, installation of sustainable products and solutions such as electric car chargers, solar panels and more. There are many industries and organizations that want to collaborate with craft businesses using Proptly.

To get started with Proptly Connect, it is important that you as a craft business are prepared to respond to inquiries and deliver as agreed.

We have created Proptly Connect because we have seen a great need for such a platform between businesses and craft businesses.

The customer journey and collaboration of the future looks different than it did in the past, and Proptly is here to help you navigate this landscape.
What does it cost to be part of Proptly Connect?
Using our platform will cost you no more than 79 euros a month, which includes receiving leads on projects from us for free. Our goal is to bridge the gap between companies that need skilled craftsmen and craft companies that are committed to quality.

Need a free trial to feel confident with the platform? No problem - we've got you covered.

We have a common interest in monetizing those who need your services. You do too, in the sense that you simply invoice the partner company for the assignment as you would otherwise....
Is Proptly Connect for larger or small craft businesses?
Proptly is designed to meet the needs of craft businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help craft businesses improve their customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability, regardless of size.

For small craft businesses, Proptly can be a powerful tool to manage customer inquiries, follow-up, communication and documentation in one place, which can save time and resources and allow you to focus more on your core business. Proptly Connect can also provide smaller companies with opportunities to access new customers and markets that they wouldn't otherwise have.

For larger companies, Proptly can provide valuable insights through real-time data that helps managers monitor and optimize work processes, prioritize internal resources, and improve customer satisfaction and upselling. Larger companies can also take advantage of Proptly Connect to expand their network and collaborate with our partners.
How does it work in practice?
When a partner company needs a craftsman, this is reported to us. From here you will receive a notification by email that there is a project that you can take in your geographical area. It is of course up to you to accept or decline the project according to capacity.

When you click on the request you have received by email, you will be taken to the platform where information about the project is located. In the same platform, you can contact and communicate with the customer, arrange an inspection with our own inspection module, share files back and forth, send decisions to the customer and send quotes before the job is started.

The customer gets their very own portal where your logo and colors are displayed.

You can of course also use exactly the same platform for your own customers as you get otherwise. :) 
What makes Proptly Connect unique?
Firstly, this is not a scheme for everyone. You have to be selected to deliver on the partner companies we have. There may be more projects coming up and it is important that we have ensured that you can deliver according to expectations.

At Proptly, we conduct a background check based on several factors:

- Dialogue together
- Relevant approvals
- Solidity
- References

Based on this, we have an overall impression that helps us move forward together in the collaboration.

Something else that makes us different compared to other platforms is that we realized early on that as a craft company you cannot relate to a number of different platforms.

Therefore, we built ours so that it works as a super simple and tailor-made CRM. That is, we can set up our platform so that you get absolutely all customers in one place. Whether they come from us, contact you by email, website or other sales channels you use.

Not least, you can communicate with all your customers from our platform so that you avoid communication spread over thousands of email threads and phone calls. Your customers get their own customer portal with your company's logo and colors.

How do I follow up customers in the platform?
Proptly is designed to streamline and streamline how you handle customer inquiries, communication, and documentation.

Collection of customer inquiries: All your customer inquiries are collected in one place in Proptly. This means you no longer have to worry about lost inquiries drowning in emails or going unanswered. By collecting inquiries in one place, you can quickly and easily respond to and follow up with potential customers, which can improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Communicationand documentation: Proptly allows you to keep all communication and documentation related to a sales process or project in one place. This gives you and your customers full overview and control over the projects. By reducing the amount of time and resources spent on administration, you can increase efficiency and concentrate more on the craft itself.

Customer Portal: With Proptly, your customers get access to their own customer portal, where all communication, decisions, and documentation are gathered. This gives your customers a better experience and reduces the need for time-consuming updates and follow-up meetings.

Data: Proptly provides you with real-time data that helps you understand where you can improve the customer experience and identify bottlenecks in your work processes. This gives you, as the person responsible for running your craft business, the ability to make necessary changes and improve productivity.

In short, you get a simple platform that can help you streamline work processes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

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