#1 logistics platform
for installations of your products

Proptly enables you to scale your collaboration with external installers, boost sales, and access comprehensive data analtyics for continuous process optimization.

Our goal

Reduce complexity and accelerate
the process of getting your products installed.

To meet digital customer journey expectations, manage demand fluctuations and minimize follow-up time, you need to get control of deployment. Proptly gives you full control from sales to installation.

A fully integrated platform
for order-to-installation
Manage pricing, distribution, monitoring, customer journey, and analytics for all your installations.

Reduce your labour-
costs by 6X

Avoid having to make phone calls and send emails when following up with installers and customers, and significantly reduce overhead costs.

Save a LOT of time in job distribution

Easily add all your different sales channels to the platform, so that all orders or leads are gathered in one place for efficient handling and distribution

Data-driven choice of installer

Receive recommendations for suitable installers based on data like geolocation, previous deliveries, customer satisfaction scores, and more.

Sitting on lunchbox

Observe your customers
being managed.

With just a few keystrokes, you gain complete visibility into all interactions between installers and end customers. Adjust the installer company as needed to ensure seamless delivery.

A digital customer journey
from start to finish

Having an installer at your premises, whether B2B or B2C, should be as convenient as ordering a takeaway with Foodora or a taxi with Uber. Proptly gives the customer a digital customer portal in your brand where they have full transparency from start to finish.


Your own data platform.

Proptly gives you real-time data across all orders delivered to customers. This insight, which covers everything from delivery, sales and customer follow-up, allows you to evaluate and compare your suppliers. So you can always be agile and adaptable in your business.

Why our customers
appreciate Proptly


"With Proptly, we have been able to streamline our order flow to our suppliers so that we are in control and can spend time on other critical business activities."

Hans Petter

Head of Operations

"Our customer satisfaction has received a significant boost as our customers get increased transparency and predictability with their own customer portal."


General Manager

"Proptly gives us data across all deliveries and partners so we can benchmark who we can feel confident is delivering well to our customers."


Head of Customer Success

"We can dig into our processes and identify where we have high lead times and where deliveries are stalled. This allows us to be far more proactive in improving."


Head of Operations

"With Proptly, our partners are far more capable of driving sales on our behalf, which has allowed us to capitalize on a previously unrealized revenue potential"


Head of Sales and Marketing
We integrate orders from your most used systems
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Expand your network?

As you can see, we offer a solution that optimizes how your company collaborates with installers.

In addition, we have a wide network of installers who are ready to contribute with digital customer follow-up on your projects.

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