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Unify supplier communications, automate orders and scale efficiently - while offering a digital B2B and B2C customer journey that meets your customers' expectations in 2023.

Challenges Proptly solves

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Is your operational platform scalable, adapting seamlessly without increasing overhead to stay in control as you grow?

Customer journey

How do you maintain a strong brand and high customer satisfaction while dealing with more suppliers and customers securing transparency and effective delivery in one place?

Insight and control

Do you have the data and real-time insights required to make quick, proactive decisions?

How do we solve it

Proptly takes the best from FSM, CRM, supplier management, and data analytics and puts it all in one easy-to-use platform


Proptly puts all your interactions from order to installation with suppliers in one easy-to-use platform. You can manage, distribute or adjust orders automatically, without needing more staff to scale up your operations. 

Customer journey B2C and B2B

Our white-label customer portal between your suppliers and end-customer elevates the delivery experience, offering the ease and efficiency found in consumer platforms like Uber Eats, but tailored for both B2C and B2B. This not only fortifies customer loyalty but also serves as a versatile platform for sales growth, product rollouts, and targeted upselling.

Insight and control

Proptly equips you with the actionable insights required to mitigate errors and mange all your processes. This not only minimizes operational risks but also grants you an end-to-end visibility over the complete supply chain, from order placement to final delivery.

Proptly Solution
Would you also like to see how we, in collaboration with contractors, have developed an incredibly user-friendly solution that enables contractors to efficiently manage the orders you distribute to them? At the same time, any end customer receives a dedicated customer portal that strengthens your brand.

Gain 360-degree insights into your operational processes and continuously improve the customer journey

PS! We easily customize the dashboard to your needs and wishes.

Our goal

Streamline collaboration and maintain control with your suppliers

Proptly lets you take ownership and set the terms of collaboration with contractors so you can streamline your work internally or towards the customer.

Some of the industries we work with

Energy products

For businesses selling energy products and services through contractors or installers, either B2B or B2C.

Smart home

For companies offering smart home solutions, utilizing installers for delivery to their customers.

Real estate

For real estate professionals utilizing contractors on their buildings, ensuring the job is executed properly.


For municipalities requiring that contractors are engaged in the maintenance of buildings and various facilities.

We expand your network

Undeniably, we offer a solution that fortifies your company's collaboration with contractors.
In addition, we take pride in our expansive network of skilled contractors primed to facilitate digital customer follow-up for your projects, guaranteeing smooth and effective operations.

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