For businesses with maintenance needs

on real estate

Your key to smooth collaboration with maintenance partners - easy communication, efficient order management and full control.

What does Proptly do for you?

Simplifies collaboration with contractors in maintenance projects

Monitoring communication and orders with maintenance providers for your real estate properties can often be laborious. With Proptly, we've alleviated the hassle, simplified the work, and reinstated your control. You can now oversee the tasks within our platform, ensuring that the work is conducted smoothly.

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Bring all communication together

Avoid communication drowning in emails and phone calls by keeping track of all your orders to suppliers in one place, so you're in complete control.

Easy distribution

Avoid unnecessary supplier customization and lengthy processes. Easily and efficiently distribute your orders within your network of suppliers, or use our data-driven recommendation engine to help you choose the right one every time.

Monitor and adjust

Don't let your suppliers become a bottleneck. Proptly helps you get real-time data on orders to ensure that maintenance is done in line with your or others' expectations. If needed, you can easily make adjustments with just a few clicks.

Optimize processes

Use statistics and data analytics to improve your process, compare your suppliers and ensure you make the right choices for all your orders.

Full process understanding

Gain insight into how your suppliers deliver for you so that you can optimize your processes and make data-driven choices about who you want to use for your projects and orders.

Unfortunately, what you want to be a streamlined process is often a "spaghetti monster". Without sufficient data and insight, you can't do anything about it. Proptly solves this simply and efficiently.

We expand your network

Undeniably, we offer a solution that fortifies your company's collaboration with contractors.
In addition, we take pride in our expansive network of skilled contractors primed to facilitate digital customer follow-up for your projects, guaranteeing smooth and effective operations.

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