Facilitates adoption of

Smart energy solutions

Proptly brings all stakeholders together on one platform, ensuring seamless supplier collaboration where you set the terms and strengthen the digital customer journey both B2B and B2C.

What does Proptly do for you?

Eases the transition to smart energy solutions for home and property.

Proptly creates an ecosystem for effortlessly linking businesses and individuals, enhancing processes to advance smart energy solutions and intelligent devices for eco-friendly homes. We support businesses in their growth, while opening up fresh markets in a global push towards net zero energy emissions.

Our technology for installations...

Improves your supplier collaboration

Proptly enables you to take control of collaboration with suppliers, liberating you from adhering to their operational procedures.

Creating a unique customer journey

Proptly provides your customers with a dedicated portal, facilitating easy communication with your suppliers from beginning to end.

Ensures critical data capture

Use Proptly's dashboard to compare suppliers, helping you identify those that excel in customer service and delivery performance.

Promotes process mining

Scrutinize your internal processes to identify bottlenecks that cause extended lead times and increased costs, affecting your business financially.

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Collect all communication

Avoid communication drowning in emails and phone calls by keeping track of all your orders to suppliers in one place, so you're in complete control.

Easy distribution

Avoid unnecessary supplier customization and lengthy processes. Easily and efficiently distribute your orders within your network of suppliers, or use our data-driven recommendation engine to help you choose the right one every time.

Monitor and adjust

Don't let your suppliers become a bottleneck. Proptly helps you get real-time data on orders to ensure delivery is in line with your or others' expectations. If needed, you can easily make adjustments with just a few clicks.

Optimize processes

Use statistics and data analytics to improve your process, compare your suppliers and ensure you make the right choices for all your orders.

A digital customer journey

In the portal, everyone involved in the delivery model works together efficiently. You have an overview, the customer gets their own portal with transparency and communication, and the supplier has a single point of contact to deliver on all your orders every time.

Complete process understanding

Gain insight into how your suppliers deliver for you so that you can optimize your processes and make data-driven choices about who you want to use for your projects and orders.

Unfortunately, what you want to be a streamlined process is often a "spaghetti monster". Without sufficient data and insight, you can't do anything about it. Proptly solves this simply and efficiently.

We expand your network

Undeniably, we offer a solution that fortifies your company's collaboration with contractors.
In addition, we take pride in our expansive network of skilled contractors primed to facilitate digital customer follow-up for your projects, guaranteeing smooth and effective operations.

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