Get access to more jobs

Through our partners, you get access to jobs
in the platform on which you can deliver installations.

We work with craft businesses that are part of nationwide operators

Why use it?

Get more customers

Our partners are always on the lookout for skilled installation companies that can deliver to their customers.

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One platform. All orders.

Proptly gives you a platform where you receive and can accept/reject all incoming orders. You can easily create your own pages.

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Simple communication and documentation from start to finish

Avoid information drowning in emails or phone calls. When you receive jobs, there is only one page to deal with

Send messages
Appointment for inspection and start-up
Send quote and invoice
Share files and documentation
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Understand your own data

Use Proptly's data power to gain key insights for strategic refinement. This deeper data understanding lets you focus your efforts effectively, promoting improved productivity and results.

Prioritizing internal resources
Profitability per customer
Customer conversion
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Hear what installers say about us

"All incoming orders and customer communication in one place"

The best thing about Proptly is that we can gather all inquiries and customer communication in one single place. This saves me both time and money by simplifying my administration work.

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Thomas Kristiansen
General manager of Kristiansen's Installer Company

"The best consulting agency I worked with"

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Matt Cannon
VP of Security at Consulting

"A more customer-oriented future"

For us, Proptly represents the future of how to become even more customer-centric.

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Steffen Aamodt
General manager in Aamodt VVS

"One of a kind service"

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Lilly Woods
VP of Product at Corporate

How to get started with Proptly

book demo

Book a demo

Book a meeting with our team. You choose a date and time that suits you

Choose a Plan

Predictability in price

You can get the solution for free where you receive orders from existing partners, or pay a few hundred dollars to get access to new ones. We're happy to explain this in a chat.

Integrate with different systems

We help you get started

We set up the system for you so that there is as little hassle as possible to get started

Proptly Done

Support and assistance

Our support team is always available if you need help.

Want to test for yourself?